I Love Blogging, You can Too

The world of blogging has gone from the strange and unindexed to becoming a requirement for businesses looking to establish their foothold online. From celebrity blogs, movies or educational blogs to politics, everyone is stepping up and sharing their voice on every topic you could think of.

As a blogger, the rush for me comes from sharing my ideas with newcomers to the Internet Marketing world and increasing my audience’s feedback. I try to engage and add new content weekly, so I can hopefully keep readers constantly awaiting next post.

A Blog of Your Own

Set up your blog on a free hosting site, with free templates and a built-in blog network; keep in mind audiences will be easier to find and keep on networks like these. If you’re blogging for a business stay focused on your brand as the main topic, but don’t be overbearing Personal blogs can range from the simplest of topics to politics and celebrity gossip.

Building an Audience

The hardest part about blogging is finding readers who are interested in your posts and interactive with your site. Every blogger wants their blog to go viral and become the next epic thing online, so find other blogs interesting similar to yours to interact and promote yourself with. Leave honest comments, be an informed contributor to and on occasion leave your website’s link. Again, you want to stay on point with your comments and not become a spammer who relentlessly pitches his site. You can also pay for blog advertising, list your blog on different directories and tie in to social media pages to share your posts.


Aim for weekly updates of your blog, every few days or daily if you can. It’s always better to have an active blog, which shows your visitors that you care about their comments. When it comes to your product or service adding content to your blog constantly, with explanations or testimonials is always beneficial; remember you need fresh content to keep Google happy and people coming back for more.

Answer Comments

If someone takes the time to leave a comment on your blog then answer the comment and engage your reader, an active blog is a happy blog and responses show you care what people are saying on your posts. Best of all this will bring back blog visitors, people who may end up following you and vicariously promoting your product. Blogging is all about interaction so make your visitors feel welcome.

Write the best you can on your blog and make every attempt to provide the best quality possible. Forget the PLR articles, spam articles, presell pages and other nonsense; regardless what it sounds like sometimes you just need to write. Doing nothing does nothing for your blog; instead talk to other bloggers who write for similar pages and work out and exchange of guest spots.

Keep articles fresh but remember to keep close to your sites’ theme, you can deviate on occasion but wandering too far off point may see you lose subscribers. Quality is what will get you the visitors and also allow you to rank higher on the search engines. You should try and be seen as an expert in your field so create the best content you possibly can and remember that everybody is a critic.

Don’t Quit! Blogging can be fun and profitable, you can promote your brand or your band, the team you love or the kids you coach; approach it in the right and you too can be successful.

Remember your goal is to blog and convey a message, whether this message makes you money, increases your publicity or flat out exposes your raw nerves; success is only achieved by continuing to blog beyond your limits!

Jennifer Yaniz

Chicago Internet Marketing


Clean Up Your Google Results

Today, it is just plain irresponsible to be passive about personal Google search results, so spend time building a good online reputation with relevant testimonials and resolved issues.

The Internet is the first place we turn to learn more about people, and Google is the perfect place to search. Many of today’s of job recruiters are required to do a Google, LinkedIn and Facebook search of potential employees prior to hiring in an effort to establish what type of employee you might be.

It is always your responsibility to have good results when someone Googles your name, so you will want to create and promote your best content to the top of your search results, and push unwanted, negative, and irrelevant results farther down or off the first page completely.

Diagnose Your Google Ranking

The first step is to determine whether or not you have a problem with your results and how bad it really is. You must diagnose your Google ranking and then begin to take corrective actions.

Google Yourself

Google will slightly alter your results, basing them on your location and prior search history, so sign out of your account prior to searching your name for true results of what others see. If available, use a different IP setting or a anonymous browser to get the best results available. The person searching you won’t have this, so make sure you sign out before searching.

When you start the search for yourself online, make sure and use the name people are going to be searching for you with. This also brings up the important point of consistency: when you use your name online, a resume or anywhere else for that matter, be sure that it is the same name and make that it’s the one that you want to rank for.

What Are You Ranking For?

Once you see your results you need to figure out which category you’re actually in, so decide which of these categories represents your best first page results when you are “Googled”. Remember to concentrate your efforts on the first page so you can reach the majority of search engine users. 93% of searchers never go past the first page, which is why you want to concentrate all your efforts on knocking off any negative results listed there.

In today’s world it is disturbingly easy to have your reputation attacked by posts on free forums, review sites or social networks. Google has a tendency to lean towards negativity when providing search results, remember that when you start making enemies or crazy posts. Keep in mind it takes only one comment, tagged photo or blog post from an angry ex, former employee or competitor. Also make every attempt to not misuse your name or categorize yourself irrelevantly. If you work in the hotel industry, there is no reason in the world to start ranking as a pet groomer. Some online marketing agencies who promote instant results tend to list you under any available keyword you may be able to dominate but has no association with who you really are.

You always want positive results backed by well-branded content about you and your life.

If your search results provide multiple people with your name, it may prevent the person searching for you from finding relevant information about you.  In many cases this is not an issue, I myself have a doppelganger in the world that I have actually contacted. This other person is not in my industry, town or state but still comes up when my name is searched. Luckily they aren’t criminals, but this may not be the case when you research your own name even if your name is a common one.

See the Problem and Plan Your Strategy

Once you determine where you actually stand online, it’s time to be proactive and start improving search results related to you. Your goal is to flood the first page of every search engine available with as many positive and relevant results as possible. Depending on your web presence, you can figure out how much work you need to do and then plan accordingly.

Build a Presence:

The first thing you need to do is build an online presence for Google and other search engines to find and actually index. Without positive content, there is no way for you to show up on the first page. You can begin this process by submitting a bio to known social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Brandyourself and other sites which Google typically uses to base results on.

Burying the Negative B.S 

Maybe there’s something negative a client, former friend, competitor or bored idiot posted about you, so concentrate on starting a relevant blog to confront the issue and tear it apart. By this I mean you specifically plan for content release, article publishing and interaction so that your presence grows online and establishes you in the desired categorical. Once you start feeding Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines good content which combats the negative result, the issue will begin to slowly crawl down the first page and eventually disappear all together from your results. If you don’t already own your own domain (yourname.com), now is the time to concentrate your efforts on acquiring it. With a personal blog, website or social profile you can begin working in the content and material you would prefer the Internet knows you for.

Depending how competitive your name is, you could start seeing results on the first page of Google after only a week or two. Remember, social media may seem all fun and games, but these profiles are essential for the foundation of your online presence. Share only appropriate subject matter publicly, stay away from long rants or insane diatribes that will later be indexed and turn up under your name. Remember to stay on point when it comes to self advertising and if you are going to go off the deep end on any subject, you may want to consider a nickname profile to do it under.

How to Land a Job at Tumblr

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Plan Your Social Media Marketing

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Outsourcing Your Online Advertising.

As a business you need advertising to grow your sales. The main problem with this is that it’s so expensive to advertise and get the exposure you need online. There are ways you can reduce your advertising budget and save money. You can outsource your advertising to low-cost providers.


One site you should consider for your advertising is Fiverr. This is a low-cost site where you pay a provider $5 to advertise your business for you. This might seem like a small amount and not worth it but the providers on the site are quite good. You can also buy additional services for more money if you want more than a token advertising campaign. Fiverr is a great place to start outsourcing your advertising because the service is low cost and for the most part you get a good return on your investment. You may have to try several providers until you can find one that works for your advertising needs.


There are other ways you can get low-cost advertising. You should look at freelance sites such as eLance. This site will cost you more than Fiverr but at the same time your costs are going to be quite low. There are many advertising professionals on freelance sites such as eLance and they are reading to start an advertising campaign for you now. These services also allow you to sort through freelancers by skills so you can find an advertiser that has the skills you’re looking for before hiring them. This is a sort of quality control for you the buyer. On these sites the money is exchange once you’re satisfied with the end result.

Why Outsource?

You want to outsource your advertising because it can save you a lot of time with a tedious task. By outsourcing this frees up your business to perform other tasks that your business needs done. If you don’t have enough employees to perform tasks this can slow down your business. If you’re a new business you probably don’t have the funds to hire a bunch of people at regular wage. If you outsource you can hire qualified people for low cost for your next advertising campaign.

If you outsource you can save your business a lot of money and this is important if you have a fixed budget for your business. While sites like Fiverr give you basic results there are other sites like eLance that will put you in contact with seasoned advertising professionals. A site liker Fiverr can be a trial run for you or a solution for your business if your funds are minimal.

Outsource Your Advertising Now

It make sense to outsource your advertising to sites such as Fiver or eLance. This can save you a lot of money and when your business is new or doesn’t have the capital for advertising. These low-cost solutions are ideal until your business is large enough to have more robust advertising campaigns.

Unsafe Black Hat SEO Techniques for Advertising

You don’t always have to play by the rules set by Google to get traffic, but be prepared when these techniques work against you or bring on a penalty. Search engines keep changing and you have to change with them, just do it with actual work as opposed to tricks and gimmicks.

Cool PPC Tools to Help Your Campaigns

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