Say hello to the Netflix Security Monkey

Love the Favicon for the Security Monkey!


Netflix(s nflx) promised us more monkeys and now it’s delivered yet another member of its Simian Army — the streaming media giant has open-sourced the code for Security Monkey, the tool it’s used internally since 2011 to keep tabs on and evaluate security-related changes to its  Amazon(s amzn) Web Services configurations. s

For years, Netflix, probably AWS’s highest profile customer, has augmented Amazon’s own services with its own tools and capabilities and has open sourced many of them. Chaos Monkey, which shuts down malfunctioning cloud resources in an orderly way so the application can keep running, has proven very popular, for example.

The Security Monkey which Netflix started using to monitor a limited number of AWS services, has grown to handle Netflix’ growing use of more services. It performs several functions:

First, it keeps tabs on Amazon S3 storage; identity access management (IAM) and EC2 compute workloads to detect and record changes to those configurations; Second, it…

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