Quick info on a No Topic week…

I am currently the Online Marketing Manager for, Website Magazine, Deals.com, Emergency24 & 7Search.com; a pay per click search engine advertising network. I work and live in the Chicago area and have over 8 years of internet marketing experience. My specialties include search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC) and online marketing strategy.

I know that when you start blogging everything you write sounds stupid, you doubt every word you add to the screen and constantly use the delete button. Keep the faith my fellow blogger and push yourself to perfection and accept failures. Remember for every Indiana Jones there was a Howard the Duck.

Need a website NOW

Using any of the websites listed here you can generate a functional temporary or permanent website to begin blogging on, garner Google’s attention and create social media buzz. These websites can all be used as both free website builders or paid website builders:

Webs.com Website Builder Available both paid and free with easy to use and launch design tools. Some advanced SEO tools or use of custom domain may require subscription but remain cheaper than using a designer right out the gate.

Yola Site! With Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold packages for service, Yola provides anyone the ability to build a page, provides all sorts of different designs and options. Bundles are available for advertising and design, the sites are easy to deal with and incredibly easy to use.

Weebly Not the best nor a personal favorite due to a tracking glitch which will at times appear as a malware issue, Weebly does provide the option to use your own domain purchased through them or previously. A great tool for small sites without tons of content or site associated blogs. Either way it still provides an awesome tool for a great price; FREE!

JimDo More of an Ecommerce website builder JimDo offers you the capability of easily adding a paypal payment option to the website templates they provide. Not high ranking and possibly on the weaker side of website builders, JimDo is not to be disregarded with over 500mb of free space, custom layouts, business oriented templates and a plethora of other free or cheap tools.

BraveSite This Site Builder is among the easiest site builders on the web! Good for Noobs and Veterans, plenty of templates to choose from, sitemap creators and even an HTML editor. All this and free can’t steer you wrong. Paid services and domain purchases are available as well.

WebNode Personal or business website templates and editors available, along with paid SEO services and Domain sales.

Just remember, Don’t Quit! Blogging can be fun and profitable, you can promote your brand or your band, the team you love or the kids you coach; approach it in the right and you too can be successful.

Remember your goal is to blog and convey a message, whether this message makes you money, increases your publicity or flat out exposes your raw nerves; success is only achieved by continuing to blog beyond your limits!

I sincerely hope to help you continue writing with tips to get you started, methods to advertise and assisting you to develop a great blog.

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