Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Looking for affiliate marketing ideas? If you own a website or a blog, affiliate marketing can be a way for you to grow your online site and make revenue by referring people that visit your site to another business where they buy from that business and you make a commission. Affiliate marketing can be quit lucrative for your site if you use it in the right way. Here are some affiliate marketing ideas for your site.

Match Your Affiliate to the Content
One of the worst things you can do is to have too many affiliates that don’t add nay value to your website. You need to make sure that the affiliates you use add real value to your site and help to enhance your current content. You’ll get more sales if you have compelling content and the right affiliate links that match your business or the niche you are in.

Profitable Niches
Make sure your website or blog has a profitable affiliate marketing niche.  Health, fitness, electronics, dating, making money online,  travel and so on are going to be the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing.  Another thing you want to look at is trends as these can provide you with a lot of great affiliate marketing ideas. A website built around a hot trend can be a short-term way to make affiliate revenues.

You’ll do well with affiliate marketing is you have the best content possible. Make sure that your site isn’t a banner farm or has tons of other advertisements. You want to provide real value for your reader and if you do this then you’ll have the success you want with affiliate marketing. The ads you run should be a part of your site.  A review of a product with an affiliate link will be more effective than some flashing banner that says “click here.”  Make comparisons of products too as this can help your readers make a decision about what to buy.  Once you do this make sure you have one solid recommendation for them after you do the comparison.  Make sure you links open in a new window so clicking the link doesn’t tale the user off your site as you want them to keep looking around and clicking on other links while looking at the affiliate site.

High Payouts
You want to work with providers that have high payouts and commissions as well as a low minimum you need to earn before you get paid. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a check when you are just short because the provider has a high minimum before you get paid.

Established Providers
Work with affiliates that are well known and have a good track record. This will ensure that you get paid on time. Never work with a provider unless you have some way of knowing the track record of the program.  A business that treats its affiliates well is worth more than 5 mediocre affiliate programs.

You can make money with affiliate marketing. These tips and ideas should get you well on your way to more profit. Just remember to provide good content for your readers as this is the most important thing to do.

One thought on “Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

  1. I have been working with some new affiliates lately and they seem to be very promising. Have you personally teamed up with any good affiliates or affiliate companies Jennifer? I think that the ones I have found recently have some good potential. There are so many different ways to market them and I have been personally testing out some of the products myself as well. Product knowledge is absolutely important to making sales happen.

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