Making the Most out of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a huge social network and if you’re a business you can use this to your advantage with some advertising on Facebook. You can reach a wide audience and this can bring you more business.

Advertisement Setup

You can use Facebook advertising to get people to your website, Facebook page, or to promote your posts. It’s up to you to decide how to use the advertising for your business. You’re able to target users based upon location so if you’re a local business this can be ideal to you. You can also target demographics and these options can help you a great deal. You’ll start a budget and then a bid for each one of your clicks or per thousands of impressions that your ad is going to receive. With these ads you’re able to drive your brand awareness online and make more sales. There are literally millions of people on Facebook so it’s a good advertising opportunity for you.

Should I Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook cаn help you test new channels for your marketing but not every buinesss will be the right fit for Facebook you’ll have to test the waters and see if your campaigns are effective. If they are not you should look elsewhere. You want to use the ads to generate excitement about your products but don’t expect a lot of sales as people use Facebook more for socializing but you will be able to spread your brand and get people to your site, they might not be ready to buy just yet. One way to make the advertisements work for you is to have people signup for your newsletter or email list when they visit your website. This way you can generate leads. Maybe you cаn offer a free product or service if someone gets your newsletter or signs up for a list. This is a good idea if your business can afford this. Once you have your lead then you cаn use email marketing to get sales from your list. Don’t expect to drive tons of sales through Facebook it won’t work this way it’s not a main selling platform for advertising.


Use Facebook to target gender, age location, connections, interests, education, language, workplace and other factors. You have a lot of targeting options you can use for your campaigns that can hep you grow your buinesss because you’ll have a better idea of the kinds of people that are going to be interested in your products or services. For example you can target one county or even a zip code if you want. This is very valuable for local marketing purposes. You can also target categories such as electronics or movies or even who has a birthday coming up. The targeting options for Facebook ads are quite amazing and they can help you so use them to your advantage. You can get some precise targeting with the site.
Facebook advertising has a lot of options for you and these ads can help your buinesss grow if you use them in the right way.

Jennifer Yaniz Chicago Internet Marketing
Schaumburg, IL

One thought on “Making the Most out of Facebook Advertising

  1. Hey Jennifer, I was curious if you have ever done paid advertising on Facebook? I have not. I do have a page for my business and would say that in my experiences have found that Facebook is definitely not an instant solution for bringing people to my website as other sites are. I agree that it is good for building brand recognition and relationships but it is a long road if you are dealing with people other than your family or other close friends. People that you don’t know may be hesitant to friend you although I have made many new ‘friends’ along the way.

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