Tai Chi Can Conquer Your Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Recovery offering an alternative support by using the ancient practices of Tai-Chi in order to assist our patients in establishing added release of stress caused by addiction recovery.
When an individual is engaged in drug addiction or alcohol abuse, their natural abilities to manage stress and tension are compromised; the longer the terms of addiction and abuse, the greater the impairment to these coping mechanisms. Once an individual stops using drugs or alcohol, their internal systems and chemistry remain out of balance and in turmoil as they try to reset without the sudden spikes of chemicals from which they have grown accustomed.
Originating as a Martial Art; Tai chi is a type of low-impact, weight-bearing, and relaxing exercise. Practiced in a variety of styles, Tai-Chi involves slow, gentle movements, deep breathing, and meditation. This meditation is sometimes called “moving meditation.”
Tai Chi does much more for recovering addicts than basic exercise or meditation alone. This ancient health practice combines classical conditioning with visualization, breathing, and meditation to create a powerful complementary therapy for most maladies, including addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling. Large, clinical studies on the health benefits of tai chi are ongoing, but many who practice tai chi report heightened feelings of well-being along with a variety of other health benefits.
For example, research studies have shown that extensive drug use clogs the body with toxic debris which otherwise can lodge in the tissues for years. Tai-Chi’s active stimulation of the lymph system speeds up the physical recovery process, helping to remove impurities from the bloodstream. These impure toxins are some of the causes for natural unrest within the person, so by accelerating the release of these toxins through added alternative addiction treatment methods, individuals are provided a better chance to focus on recovery.
The benefits of practicing Tai-Chi include: Improved strength, conditioning, coordination, and flexibility, reduced pain and stiffness, better balance and enhanced sleep and greater awareness, calmness, and overall sense of well being.

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