Looking at search results for your competitors and seeing search results with images, reviews and extra links in the search results? Welcome to the new, well relatively new, world of based rich snippet markup. This HMTL5 based code has been shown to have a positive impact on search engine rankings as well as increasing the click through rates for your listing in search engine results.
Most websites contain structured data which is stored in databases. It has become increasingly difficult for search engines to pull this data. On-page schema or rich snippet markup is a way to enable search engines to better understand the structured data contained on these web pages which in turn provides better search results to users.
Rich snippets are additional data displayed within your ad listing that provide a quick glance at what your page offers without forcing the surfer to click. If done properly, the data provided by rich snippets can result in a positive increase in performance by delivering visitors who know exactly what to expect when visiting your page.
The use of rich snippets will become more common in the near future. So why should you use rich snippets? Rich snippets will help increase organic traffic for the following reasons.
1. Make your listing stand out – When your listings have rich snippets they will display photos, reviews, telephone numbers, email addresses, links and much more.
2. Help Search Engines Better Understand Your Content & Increase the Relevancy – The more Google is able to understand about your website the better. When Google is able to better understand your content it increases the relevancy, which in turn helps your site show up in Google for your selected terms.
Information that can be marked up as structured data includes:
  • ·      Telephone numbers
  • ·      Email addresses
  • ·      Physical address
  • ·      Products
  • ·      Organization
  • ·      Reviews
  • ·      Books
  • ·      Movies
  • ·      Recipes
  • ·      Event information

For more information on the types of markups that are available, check out the tutorial in Google’s support center. To learn HTML5, which is the code in which rich snippets are written in please visit the following tutorial on
Jennifer Yaniz is currently the Online Marketing Manager for, a pay per click search engine advertising network.
Jennifer’s 7 years of knowledge and experience in the industry encompasses search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC) and online marketing strategy.

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