Holistic Addiction Treatment

The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery
Beachcomber founder James A. Bryan’s primary consideration when he drew upon his unique interpretations for alcoholism and addiction treatment was to establish an in-depth, professionally monitored holistic treatment center. With this in mind he established his holistic addiction recovery family center amid the natural beauty of Florida’s tropical climate utilizing Tai-Chi, Yoga, Acupuncture & Light Sound treatments along with a trained staff in a lush and peaceful environment.
The” Holistic Approach” has always been at the forefront of treatment methods due to its spiritual reinforcement and emotional support system. Although dependence dictates how the process of treatment and recovery is applied, without holistic measures to support the mind and body withdrawal may become inevitable. Residents at The Beachcomber are offered close attention to body, mind and spirit as part of every day activity, so rarely do individuals note subtle changes taking place while a resident.
The values we accumulate over a lifetime define spirit and usually fall one-by-one as dependency grows more commanding. The urge to self-destruct is symptomatic of the illness and this brings decline in spirituality.
The impact of alcoholism and addiction on spirit, the spiritual, is often difficult to understand and confront. “Spiritual bankruptcy” is a phrase commonly applied to chemical dependency and is often neglected in early stages of recovery. The Beachcomber program is keyed to recovery and nothing is more important than restoring balance. Spirituality is a clear component of The Beachcomber treatment program! The values once held must be revisited and a sense of order adjusted to meet progressive “recovery.
Spirituality is a clear component of The Beachcomber treatment program!
The body cures as a determined schedule of activities restores order and light to the darkened regions where chemical dependency had prevailed.
“To walk the walk and talk the talk” applies at The Beachcomber from the first day. At almost any location on the property tropic beauty strikes our vision. Then, in moments of serenity, we detect the rhythm of the surf or the splash of a nearby fountain. Such impressions are recalled in later years and the cry of sea birds may accompany us whenever we stroll on warm sands.
As the days unfold at The Beachcomber hearts and minds heal from the most devastating of experiences.

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