Cool PPC Tools to Help You Crush Your Competition

Setting up a paid search campaign without first doing competition research is like buying the first car on the lot before even one test-drive. While your campaign may function, it will never perform as well as one in which you have performed thorough research on beforehand.
If you’re a new advertiser or someone who’s just not sure where to start with competition research, there are several tools that can help you with this often-daunting task. Here are some of my favorites.
Cost – Free
Advertisers who sign up for a 7Search account and even prospective advertisers are able to use our keyword tool to research potential new keywords to add to their 7Search campaign. In addition to being able to research new keywords to add to their campaign our advertisers can also view bids from other advertisers. All bids are updated on a daily basis so they remain accurate almost in real time. The bid prices are limited to the 7Search network however, it’s a great way to see what keywords are trending up and down.
Cost – Free for a limited report paid plans vary from $79.00 to $999 per month for an agency version.
Spyfu offers a limited free report that will give advertisers an estimate of the competitors’ average daily budget, their 10 best keywords and some of the top competitor ads. The paid option is the best bet for someone who is really looking to take their PPC campaign to the next level. The paid version offers more keywords, ad results and tools that will compare the PPC campaign you’re running with those of your competitors as well as identifying gaps between the two.
Cost – Varies based on usage
AdGooroo has a database of search data from over 920,000 PPC advertisers across 14 search engines in 50 countries. With your subscription you can view keywords, copy, budget and even landing pages for almost any advertiser in 170 industry categories. Two other features unique to AdGooroo are the ability to view competitor display ads as well a trademark monitor that allows you to check to make sure people are not bidding on your trademarked terms.
Cost- Free
It is very common for searchers and therefore potential customers to make spelling mistakes and not adding these misspellings to your campaign could mean a loss of potential clicks. You can search for 6 different types of common spelling errors, skipped letter, double letters, reverse letters, skipped spaces missed key and inserted key. After you choose your selection you can then click on generate keywords and a list of keywords will show up in the box below.

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