Checking Out Your Chicago Competitors

Business owners understand that competitor analysis can be effective in providing you guidance and ideas. You can start by realizing that you don’t need a carbon copy of a competitor’s tactics, you just need information that benefits you and focus efforts on that.
Google PPC
You can learn about the competition’s Paid Search Strategies by studying their paid search activities, as this may often provide key insights into their SEO strategies. Get onto Google and Bing to research the keywords best used to target your audience.
Google Page Rankings
PageRank isn’t a reliable indication of how well a website is doing, it’s about how Google sees your site. Google algorithms are strange alien writings to you, so telling you tons of backlinks and me; easy navigation or unique optimized content and social networking will never help you conquer the Internet. Instead, consider the Internet to be an utterly needy girlfriend with a sick puppy, looking for attention and a few remarks to keep her happy. You will want to do some optimization work to catch up in PageRank to your competitor and first page rankings will always make a difference in sales, just don’t get obsessed with it.
Backlinks and Forum Posts
You can use tools to confirm your competitor’s backlinks and follow them up by creating your own when able. Checking your competitors’ backlinks and using those same backlinks yourself may help you to climb up page rankings and gain a better share of customers. Whether the backlinks are natural or earned through guest posting or press releases they are all somewhat important to Google’s interpretation of your website.
Facebook, Flickr and Tweet your privacy away
Using Facebook you can also check the competition’s page out for some clever ideas to build your own. Social media and social networks have become a giant feeder to Google’s decision making when it comes to your website, so work on the number of followers, your content and social interactions; perhaps you may see changes in your traffic. Everything you post may remain online forever, so be aware of what you like and comment on or lose face with clients.
Remember, tomorrow the fight continues…
Keyword research, budget monitoring and content writing will require your time and attention, competitors will continually adjust their approach and update their campaigns to improve results and lower cost. You can choose to do the same or hire someone to do it for you; either way expect changes to constantly occur.
SEO, PPC and Social Media are not for the weak at heart and definitely not something where you can apply the “set it and forget it” concept. You will enjoy long nights of yelling at your Google account about extra spending or ad issues constantly.

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